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3 Benefits From Coworking Space

Co-working spaces are quickly becoming a business trend for not only startups but large corporations. With anywhere between a third and a half of workers being flexible or mobile, according to Regus CEO Mark Dixon in a recent Fast Company article, co-working is only expected to rise. In fact, CRBE recently released a report estimating that co-working would see an annual compound growth of 21 percent over the next five years.

What makes this type of working environment so attractive and why are startups all the way to fortune 500 companies all flocking to these spaces?

There seems to be an overwhelming consensus that companies and employees are both benefiting from co-working environments. Here are 3 benefits of this trend:


two men and woman working together at deskAccording to an article written for Harvard Business Review, people in co-working environments thrived more than those who do their job in a traditional office. Typically with co-working spaces, employees have more job control and flexible hours. Taking a long break during the day to go to the gym or shifting work hours, can allow employees to work at their most productive times. Being in an environment with other businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers that are all striving to succeed can give new meaning to an employee’s job.

In the article written by Gretchen Spreitzer, Peter Bacevice & Lyndon Garrett about their research, they state “the combination of a well-designed work environment and a well-curated work experience are part of the reason people who co-work demonstrate higher levels of thriving than their office-based counterparts.”


Co-working spaces offer shared amenities that might not always be affordable to small businesses. Companies have shared kitchen space, conference and huddle rooms, and even event space in addition to their offices. Some co-working spaces offer business tools like Easymeeting’s EasyConference service to help collaboration outside of the physical office location, shipping services at discounted rates, and some even provide the use of equipment that is specific to the fields they cater to – think expensive lab equipment.

Co-working spaces make it easy for companies to use the facilities when they need it. For companies and positions that don’t require an office full-time, flexible renting options make it easy to save money.


Networking is very important in business, and I’m not just talking about the networking you do on LinkedIn. When working in a traditional office, it is very easy to go to work, see the same people on the walk to a cubicle and go home when work is done. Co-working gives members the opportunity to network on a daily basis in shared common spaces, especially because the environment create a community feeling. Typically they offer networking events for members and local businesses, increasing the chances of meeting industry or business contacts.

In addition to networking, members of co-working spaces find themselves collaborating outside of their normal circle and bouncing ideas off of someone that could provide an outsiders perspective.

At Easymeeting, we love the idea that co-working provides companies with the ability to offer flexible work, better work-life balance, and ways to connect with others. Because we want to be a part of this movement, we recently partnered with CURE Commons, a new co-working space in Southeastern Connecticut for entrepreneurs, scientists and companies to develop their ideas in a collaborative community. We look forward to sharing our experience joining a co-working space and providing its members with video conferencing solutions to help them grow.

Want to see how Easymeeting’s video conferencing service can help you succeed while working from home or in a co-working environment? Give our EasyConference a try.

By Commons Partner and Innovator Easymeeting.
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