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Thank you for your interest in CURE Innovation Commons. The Commons assists entrepreneurs, scientists and service providers in building their businesses in a vibrant and collaborative community. The Commons houses substantial and to some extent flexibly designed laboratories and offices, and it offers back-office support and connection to industry-experts as mentors who provide on-site or virtual office hours.

Innovators have access to services, guidance to possible funding and educational programming. We seek innovators for a day, week, month or longer term.

The application process is relatively simple. To start, please complete the form below.

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If a legal entity, please provide state of incorporation or state of partnership.

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Please briefly describe your company and its technology. If you are an individual, please describe your vision.

Describe without revealing any confidential information whether you own your technology, have issued patents, have submitted patent applications or completed technology licenses.

Briefly, who is your management team and what is their experience relative to the business plan? (Please attach CV or resume for senior leader(s)).

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Have you considered the competitive advantage of your company/vision? If so, briefly discuss.

Describe your ideal space requirements and/or use of The Commons community?

Please briefly describe your development stage, and your sources or planned sources of funding, your business plan and if not too early, your financial projections for the next 3 years.

If any, number of full time employees, and of those, how many reside in CT.

Further information may be requested and if suitable, we are agreeable to the execution of a confidentiality agreement. Please let us know if you have any questions.