Assay Intern Synopsis: Amprion, a biotech startup company based in San Diego, CA, with an R&D laboratory at The Commons in Groton, CT, is seeking a molecular biologist intern with assay running and optimization experience. This intern will be responsible for the design and running of one of the company’s rapid detection assays for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease biomarkers. Fit: The ideal candidate is a senior undergraduate or a graduate student in a local university, majoring in molecular biology or other related fields. This researcher will visit the laboratory for two hours a day, five days a week, to set up and start new assays. Most of the work involves setting up master mixes for the conditions to be tested, pipetting individual aliquots to qPCR tubes, and loading and running the instrument. Requirements: • Good communication skills (verbal and written) • Disciplined work ethic — experiments need to be run every day • Proper pipetting technique • Familiarity with standard laboratory operating protocols, including biological & chemical safety • Some familiarity with qPCR and ELISA a plus • Ability to travel to CURE facilities in Groton is a must Compensation: $20/hour, depending on experience. Contact Hur Koser, PhD @ for inquiries.